Amsterdam Oost, NL

Amsterdam shows leadership!

Maak jouw omgeving ruimer, groener en schoner

Kate Raworth made Doughnut model for Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is the first city in the world to formally embrace the Doughnut model as starting point for public policy decisions! Our city shows real leadership to plan ahead for the post-corona world.

MeerDelen can be a partner for reducing our city’s overshoots:

  • Waste generation will be reduced because sharing of cars and bike leads to less car production.
  • Land use has an extreme 2.6 overshoot. MeerDelen will reduce this by turning parking spots into green spots.
  • Air pollution will be dramatically reduced by our elektric vehicles.
  • Climate change now has a factor 1.9 overshoot. MeerDelen will reduce this by all of the above and by making it easy to choose the smallest vehicle every time you need transport.

MeerDelen also improves social justice because we are a common, not a data-hungry commercial enterprise.